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Directors: Anastasia Shubina, Timofey Glinin
Producers: Timofey Glinin, Gregory Bagaev

Cinematographer: Anastasia Shubina, Timofey Glinin

Editor: Anastasia Shubina, Timofey Glinin

Sound: Ilya Dunaev

Colorist: Grigory Karapetyan


Director Bibliography

Anastasia Shubina, Timofey Glinin

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Anastasia Shubina and Timofey Glinin are multidisciplinary artists working in various media – documentary and experimental film, video art, photography and performance. They work together from 2018. They are currently based in San Francisco, USA.

Anastasia Shubina is a visual artist from Saint Petersburg, she studied film directing at St. Petersburg School of New Cinema, photography at Docdocdoc School of Modern Photography and philosophy at Saint Petersburg State University. Her films were shown at a number of international film festivals and won awards. Her photographic projects were presented at solo and group exhibitions, won international competitions and were published in photographic magazines and online platforms. In her personal projects, Anastasia explores the themes of mythology, anthropology and historical trauma.

Timofey Glinin is a multidisciplinary artist form Saint Petersburg, he studied film directing at St. Petersburg School of New Cinema and science (biology) at Saint Petersburg State University. He is an independent filmmaker and photographer. His works were presented on a number of international film festivals and won awards, his photo projects were shown at solo and group exhibitions, and he is an author of a number of science art performances. In his personal projects, Timofey explores the themes of cultural practices, ethnography and modern science.


Director: Freia Serafina

Director of Photography: Aaron Taitt


Director Bibliography

Freia Serafina


Freia Serafina is the Assistant Division Director in film and TV history and on-camera performance at the American Musical Dramatic Academy in NYC. She is also an adjunct professor of the humanities, film, and the performing arts.

Freia is currently completing a PhD in Women's Spirituality from CIIS. Freia enjoys recasting patriarchal mythology and folklore through a feminist gaze.

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