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Many years ago when our ancestors arrived in the Caribbean, they came with their stories. At night, they would tell tales of small but brave characters, cunning larger and ferocious ones. Versions of our younger selves loved the world, even identifying with compere Anansi as he and many others survived against insurmountable odds. 


The core mission of the Film and Folklore Festival is to keep these stories alive by celebrating the culture, traditions and beliefs of our ancestors.

Film and Folklore Virtual Showcase | 29 August-28 Sept 2020

For one month the Film and Folklore Festival celebrated folklore with a special online event that premiered on Saturday 29th August until 28th September, 2020. The event showcased stories and shorts all with a folklore/cultural theme. In celebration of our traditional stories, you can tune in and enjoy a stellar event mixing a plethora of stories each with a different format to provide an immersive experience.

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