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Director Bibliography

Nicoleta Carpineanu


Nicoleta Carpineaunu is a UK-based, Romanian artist, director and producer of documentary films and international DJ/Music Producer.

She worked as the associate producer for the Wild Carpathia trilogy and is the music curator for films under the name Nico de Transilvania. Nicoleta curated the music for the documentary 13 shades of Romanian and was the director and producer for the films Be One and Interbeing, which have albums of the same name. In 2019, Nico founded Forests Without Frontiers (FWF), a non-profit organisation working to restore nature for future generations with the help of music and arts. Its unique approach of blending culture and creativity with conservation is what sets it apart from other tree planting organisations.

Director/Producer: Nicoleta Carpineanu

Key Cast: Silvia Dan, Vasile Stanciulescu

Piano and Forest Soundscape Recordings: David Alexander Yeoman; Sound editor, Mixer and Co-Producer: Jules Dickens; Saxophone: Laurentiu Moise; Film Consultant: Andrew Ruhemann; Music Consultant: Jamie Catto; Director of Photography: Răzvan Leucea, Alex Maxim

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Director: Tanya J Scott
Writer: Tanya J Scott, Jack Maraghy
Producer: Tidza Karup
Key Cast: James Sobol Kelly, Tara Hugo, Oliver Smith, David Menkin


Director Bibliography

Tanya J Scott


Tanya J Scott is a director, illustrator and writer based in London.  After starting her career as an animation designer, she decided to move into directing animation, while also writing  and illustrating graphic novels (the first of which will be published in 2023).  Tanya has a passion for telling stories from a different perspective and leans towards the weird and the whimsical.  When she’s not sitting at her computer drawing, she’s eating bread or trying to befriend cats.

The Wolf of Custer

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