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Helezon Değişken

Director: Cihan Abdal

Helezon Değişken poster.jpg

Director Bibliography

Cihan Abdal

Helezon Değişken director.jpg


Night Leyl

NIGHT-LEYL poster.jpg

Director Bibliography

Mehmet Tolga Eskiocak

NIGHT-LEYL director.jpg

He graduated from Beykent University fine art faculty, Cinema and Tv. Since 2012 he has been working as an assitant director in cinema, tv series, commercial sets and some other productions. He has also been working as an assistant director since 2019. He made a short documentry called ''Leyl' in 2022.

Director: Mehmet Tolga Eskiocak

7 Blind Men

7 BLIND MEN poster.jpg

Director Bibliography

Ersan Bayraktar

7 BLIND MEN director.jpg

Ersan Bayraktar was born in 1990 as a child of a Bosnian immigrant family in Istanbul. He graduated from the Cinema-TV Department of the Faculty of Fine Arts. He worked as a director, editor, cameraman in television channels and media organizations. He worked as a camera operator and cinematographer in international documentary projects and commercial films. He made his first feature-length documentary project entitled "The Sarajevo March". The film premiered at the Sarajevo Film Festival.

Director: Ersan Bayraktar

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