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Director Bibliography

Noomen Noomen

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Noomen is a young Tunisian filmmaker and sound designer holding a bachelor’s degree in civil engineering. After a year of working in this field, he decided to live his dream by studying cinema at the University of Carthage’s Gammarth Higher School of Audiovisual and Cinema (ESAC).

2019 He filmed his first amateur independent  film traveling documentary (PRAVO) in Serbia about EXIT festival which selected in over 17 film festivals

During the first  global  quarantine in 2020 he filmed his first school film on his own as a specific project: an experimental documentary ( EARTH IS HOME ) in different 5 countries (USA, Iran, Russia, Croatia and Australia ) which was selected in over 80 film festivals all over the world in Africa, America, Europe and Asia...besides it  has won  the best international recognition film award at the 3rd Nepal Cultural International Film Festival, Winner of Dhaka OIC youth capital film award in Bangladesh, Winner as the Best International Short Documentary at Khamrubu International Short Film Festival in India
, Winner as the Best Arabic Short Documentary at WICA Los Angeles in the USA and Winner as the best international documentary at Cine World Short Film Festival in Sri Lanka


Director : Noomen Noomen

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