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From Extra Fingers to OCD Jumbies: Folk Fiesta Comedy Show is Real Kicks

What happens when you have to take fingerprints with a six-finger hand? How about if your mother wants to exorcise your imaginary friend? Or what about a jumbie having to explain to his wife where he has been all night?

These were a few of the poignant and hilarious questions raised by the three comedians at the Film and Folklore Festival Folk Fiesta Comedy Show which aired on the evening of Saturday, May 29.

The first comedian up was Kess Ramsey from La Romaine who immediately apologised for not being soca superstar Kees Dieffenthaller. He then chatted about the extra finger on his right hand which included stories about his primary school nicknames and going to the police to get his fingerprints taken. Ramsey wrapped his performance with a cheerful tune about gaining weight.

Next up to the plate was Gervail "Jr Lee" Lemo, who did double duty as host. He shared stories about his friend getting ticketed by the police, a controversial Crime Stoppers call, talking sense into his "activist" cousin, and reluctance over divine healing. His best story was about an imaginary friend and his mother carrying him by an "obeah man".

Closing off the show was Kevin Soyer and he had the small in-person audience rolling in their seats. He shared his gut-busting ruminations on receiving advice about drinking bush medicine, the rules about a "ghetto girl" fight, and the superstition about foot sweeping.

Soyer's best story was about another superstition—walking in backwards at night or leaving rice or salt to avoid being followed by a jumbie (an evil spirit). This led to a humourous story about the said jumbie returning home to his displeased wife.

If you missed the comedy show or want to watch it again you can catch it on the Digicel PlayGo app or the festival events page.

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