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Panel Discussions

February 26, 2024

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Date: Monday 26th of February

Time: 4pm (TT) | 8pm (UK)

Facilitator: Nina MALONE (Talent Agent - IAG UK)


Platform: Zoom -  Register


Objective: The panel discussion aims to provide insights into the role of talent agents in the entertianment industry, focusing on their respnsibilities, impact on artists' careers and the evolving landscape of representation.


  • Introduction to Talent Representation

  • The Artisit-Agent Relationship

  • Navigating the Industry Landscape

Feb 26 | Agenting

Nina Malone

Nina Malone was born in Clarendon, Jamaica and is talent agent at Identity Agency Group.

Nina embraces the joys of motherhood, cherishing her role as a parent to two wonderful
children. Balancing the demands of the entertainment industry with the joys of family life, she
finds fulfilment in discovering and nurturing exceptional talent for screen and stage.

Nina has written articles for various platforms such as the Strategist UK, A Beautiful Childhood
and Working Mums. Nina has appeared on BBC Radio, Channel 5 news featured in Grazia
Magazine, Stylist Magazine and as guest speaker for The Cultural Diversity Network, which is a
voice for Black, Asian and Ethnic Minorities at News UK.

Nina is passionate about positive and honest representation in the media and strives to make a
lasting impact on the entertainment landscape.

Instagram -
Twitter - @ninamalone

February 27, 2024

Feb 27 | IP Law and Film

Date: Tuesday 27th of February

Time: 1pm (TT) | 5pm (UK)


  • Chinwe Ohanle - Founder and Mnaging Partner Phanle Law Esq & Law Lecturer USC Gould School of Law, California, USA

  • Liz Lenjo - Founder MyIP Legal Studio, Kenya and Cahir, Copyright Tribunal

  • Sheldon Thomas - Marketing Manager, Eximbank


Platform: Zoom -  Register

Objective: The goal of this panel discussion aims is to offer filmmakers, producers and industry professionals crucial undestadning of intellectual property law within the context of the film industry.


  • Copyright issues in Film

  • Trademarks and branding

  • Contractual Agreements

Sheldon Thomas_edited.jpg

Chinwe Ohanle

Chinwe Ohanele is a passionate attorney, visionary creative, and innovative business strategist
who is committed to the development of a thriving creative sector in both America and Africa.
The first attorney in her immigrant family, she is licensed in California, New York, and New
Jersey, and has supported entrepreneurs with business and intellectual property legal services
for nearly a decade.

Centering education as a core value at Ohanele Law Firm, Chinwe hosts weekly live video
sessions on Instagram to support her creative and entrepreneurial community on the platform.
In addition to her work as an arts advocate and thought leader, she is as also an adjunct
professor at USC’s Gould School of Law.

Liz Lenjo

Liz Lenjo is the Founder and Managing Consultant of MyIP Legal Studio. She specializes in
Intellectual Property, Entertainment, Media, and Fashion Law. Liz is the Chairperson of the
Copyright Tribunal, the specialized court established under Section 48 of the Copyright Act (CAP
130). She also serves as a Board Member of the Nuclear Power and Energy Agency established
under the Energy Act (2019), where aside from overseeing corporate governance, also offers her
expertise as an IP Expert.

She is an adjunct faculty member at the Strathmore University Law School where she teaches
Media and Entertainment Law. Liz is also a tutor with CopyrightX by HarvardX- Kenya which the
GoDown Arts Center runs. She is a volunteer with the Kenya Bureau of Standards as the
Chairperson of the Intellectual Property Committee and the Kenya Fashion Council as the Head
of Intellectual Property & Policy in the Legal Committee.

Liz holds a Master of Laws (LL.M) in Intellectual Property Law from the University of Turin (Italy)
and World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO), a Bachelor of Laws (LL.B) from the Catholic University of Eastern Africa (CUEA), and a Postgraduate Diploma Kenya School of Law.

She also holds a Certificate in Fashion Law from Fashion Law Institute - Fordham University
Law School (New York). She also has professional certificates in IP Management, Mediation &
Arbitration from WIPO Academy and CopyrightX from HarvardX. 

Liz is also a published writer and scholar. Her LL.M research paper has been published by the
renowned Marquette Intellectual Property Law Review 2018 titled: “Inspiration versus
Exploitation: Traditional Cultural Expressions at the Hem of the Fashion Industry.” The paper is
available online on Westlaw and Nexis as well as on the Marquette IP Law Review website
( She has also written and been
quoted in several local newspapers, including the Sunday Nation, The Standard, The Star, Up
Magazine (now defunct), Copyright News, and international news platforms.

Liz has consulted for the Kenyan Government on matters of Traditional Knowledge and Cultural Expressions and has made several presentations in different parts of the world on TK & TCE practice and policy matters; CANEX by Afrexim Bank and GiZ on various programmes supporting the creative economy including but not limited to media, film, music and fashion. She has also moderated and presented at various panels across the world including CANEX at Intra African Trade Fair (IATF), Botswana International Music Conference, Fashion Law Africa Summit, Hub of Africa Addis Ababa Fashion Week among many others.

Feb 28 | Film Directing

Sheldon Thomas

Mr. Thomas’s professional career spans over 13 years in the field of finance and accounting both locally and Internationally. He is the holder of an International Master’s of Business Administration (IMBA) – International Finance specialization from the Arthur Lok Jack Graduate school of Business, a Bachelor of Business Administration degree from the Anglia Polytechnic University (U.K) and a Diploma in Management from the Association of Business Executives in London. As marketing manager Mr. Thomas is tasked with the responsibility of elevating the bank’s corporate profile and new business development.

February 28, 2024


Date: Wednesday 28th of February

Time: 5pm (TT) | 9pm (UK)

Facilitator: Walter :Waltbanger" TAYLAUR (Writer/Director)

Platform: Zoom -  Register

Objective: The panel discussion aims to delve into the intricacies of film directing, providing aspiring filmmakers, directors and industry enthusiasts with valuable insights and practical tips for honing their craft.


  • The Art of Visual Storytelling

  • Working with Actors

  • Directing Techniques and Styles

  • Career Development and Industry Insights

Waleter Taylaur

Walter is an award-winning director, producer & screenwriter. He has worked on an array of
productions, including BBC 4 Documentary ‘New Kings Of Nigeria, the World Cup documentary
‘The Beautiful Game’ directed by Emmy winning director, Victor Buhler. Walter is the writer of
the original screenplay and an associate producer of the UK Independent feature film ‘Get Lucky’
produced by Gateway Films & Atlas Independent (US) and distributed by Universal.

His directorial debut short film ‘The Wages’, which he co-wrote, produced, edited and directed
won the Best African Short Film category at AMVCA (2014). With over 20 years experience in the
industry, Walter has a broad and creative scope in production. An accomplished music video
director, also producing and directing live multi-camera events, documentary films, and feature
films ‘Jolly Roger’, ‘’, ‘Gbomo-Gbomo Express’ & ‘Half Empty Half Full’.

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