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Dr Muyiwa

Director: Awe Ayobami

Dr Muyiwa - poster.jpg

Director Bibliography

Awe Ayobami

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Long Sleeves

Director: David Ahanmisi

Long Sleeves poster.jpg

Director Bibliography

David Ahanmisi

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David 'Gee' Ahanmisi is a Nigerian film maker. His passion and desire to tell African stories pushed him to take a second degree in creative arts from UNILAG as a foundation for film directing after his first in phycology from AAU ekpoma. Although he officially started his career as a writer in 2011 when he wrote Awakening, a film released in cinemas in 2013 and was nominated for both AMAA and AMVCA, he later moved the directing, collecting many directors credit to his name for TV and film projects such as AJOCHE, UNBROKEN, RIONA, WARRIORS IN HEELS, DECEPTIVE MEASURES (A Bollywood collaboration) and LONG SLEEVES (A short film)

Poetic Justice

Director: Awe Abdul Ayobami, Ayegbeni Joy

Poetic Justice poster.jpg

Director Bibliography

Awe Abdul Ayobami, Ayegbeni Joy

Poetic Justice director.jpg

Awe Abdul-rahmon Ayobami (Oluwasegun) also known as Morahn is an Actor/Director, Model, Professional boxer, Voiceover artist and sound enthusiast. He was born on September 26, 1995. He believes he can influence people positively with his stories and daily activities as an individual. Awe has been in the movie industry for 8 years after appearing in his first film as a singer, which was a Yoruba film titled (Fetuga), but started his career professionally as a filmmaker in 2018.

He got into Radioxity media as a graphic designer and storyboard artist intending to learn animation. Radioxity media is a Media/Production house that creates animation, film documentaries and coverage of events.

As time flew by, Awe began to pick interest in other filmmaking fields, he learned and understood the dynamics of filmmaking directly from Mrs Esther Kemi Gbadamosi - Ceo of Radioxity media (A film producer, director and stop motion animator) and he still works with her till date. He acquired the basics and operating system of the camera, how to edit with adobe premiere pro, sharpened his storyboarding skill, basic knowledge of sound recording for film and scoring, basics and feel of lighting, introduction to acting, and directing and a few tricks in animation... All this knowledge is what is guiding him as a director and a filmmaker, and he's always willing to network and learn from other filmmakers.

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