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Pair of Shoes

Director: Juan Antonio Martínez Aguilar

Pair of shoes poster.jpg

Director Bibliography

Juan Antonio Martínez Aguilar

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Born on December 20, 1996 in Guadalajara Jalisco, a young Guadalajara native from the northern part of the state, he developed a great love for cinema at the age of 15 where he found a means to express himself.

Degree in production from the CAAV Audiovisual Media University in 2020.

He has worked in different branches of audiovisual productions, from short films, commercials and two films to collaborate being the screenwriter, direct sound, assistant in the art department, director of independent projects and more recently he is the director of the short film titled Bir Juft Poyafzal. Recorded in the country of Uzbekistan, this short film was recognized for best direction at the Tashkent International Film Festival.

He currently works as a teacher at the "CEC" University, Center for Cinematographic Studies, where he teaches scriptwriting and audiovisual language.

He is also working on another project "When the night ends" a project recorded with infrared cinematography film that was paused due to the pandemic.

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