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Doctor's Key House

Director: Sogol Abazari

Doctor Key's House poster.jpg

Director Bibliography

Sogol Abazari

Doctor Key's House director.jpg

Sogol Abazari , born on Nov 25, 1991 in Isfahan, Iran.
She has worked in theater for many years and Doctor Key's house (2022) short film is her debut movie as a director

Gone Men's Bride

Director: Robabeh Rouhi

Gone men's bride poster.jpg

Director Bibliography

Robabeh Rouhi

Gone men's bride director.jpg

Robabeh Rouhi born in 1983


Director: Jamal Kamali

OushHen poster.jpg

Director Bibliography

Jamal Kamali

OushHen director.jpg

Jamal Kamali is an Iranian scene designer born on 18/1/1986 , Tehran , Iran.

OushHen is his first short movie.

The Land

Director: Masoud Shahri

The Land poster.jpg

Director Bibliography

Masoud Shahri

The Land director.jpg

Masoud Shahri was born in 1993 in Tabriz, Iran. In 2016 as an enthusiastic youth he attended Reza Thervati’s courses on acting. At that time due to his creative acting he managed to guarantee some acting roles on the stage in the works such as “Godot”, “War was Your Other Name”, and “Disconnect”. In 2017 his zealous yearning to become a writer was the reason to participate in Dr Parviz Partovi’s creative writing courses. Having found his new passion in the creative writing classes, since then, Masoud Shahri have produced a collection of interesting short stories, plays and film scripts. Lately his artistic goal is to make movies and short films based on his on scripts.

The Mattress

Director: Arash Hassanpour

The Mattress poster.jpg

Director Bibliography

Arash Hassanpour

The Mattressdirector.jpg

Arash Hassanpour, born on August 8, 1986 in Tehran, is graduated in directing in the University of Applied Science and technology.
He started his artistic activity as a planner and assistant director in 2006 and has the experience of working with directors such as "Mohammad Reza Honarmand, Mehdi Jafari, Saman Salvar, Hassan Fathi, Mojtaba Rai, Sirus Hassanpour, Hossein Qanat and ..." Has in his career. He became a member of the Cinema Planners and Assistant Directors Community in 2011.
Among his latest activities as a first assistant director and Planner in cinema, the films "Ninth Symphony directed by Mohammad Reza Honarmand, 23 people directed by Mehdi Jafari, directed by Saman Salvar".
The short film named "Mattress" is his first experience as a director.

The Peephole

Director: Mohammad Javad Mirolyaee

The Peephole poster.jpg

Director Bibliography

Mohammad Javad Mirolyaee

The Peephole director.jpg

Mohammad Javad Mirolyaee
Debut film director from Iran.

17 may (5), 1993
Educated from Iranian Youth Cinema Society _ zahedan


The Ring

Director: Roham Rasouli

the ring poster.jpg

Director Bibliography

Roham Rasouli

The Ring director.jpg

Roham Rasouli is a filmmaker based in Mashhad, Iran. He worked in cinema and theater during high school and university. While Studying MBA at university, he became interested in Art Management and Economics. After graduation, Roham has worked as an Art Director, Curator, and Advertising Consultant for a long time in various organizations. Since he attended a filmmaking course at Iranian Youth Cinema Society, he has been working as a Production Manager and Designer. In March 2022, he made his first short film, The Ring, as his graduation film.

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