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Director/Writer/Producer: Achmad Subhi

Key Cast: Andris, Mirza Zainal

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Achmad Subhi

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Achmad Subhi is a writer, director and film producer born February 24, 1986. Starting his career as a writer and director, Subhi produced his first film entitled "Hantu Bangkit The Movie".


His films always contain strong local themes, as evidenced by some of his short films that have won at various national festivals always present local wisdom and social problems in his area.


Some of his short films, such as "Jamban," won first place in the Kumparan X YouTube video competition, and "Mitos", the best short Indodax Short Film Festival (ISFF) 2019.


Currently, Subhi has just finished his latest short film titled "Kulkas Impian (Dream Fridge)," which will be included in several National and International Festivals.

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