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Director: B Suresh Kumar

ARITHAARAM (Facial Makeover) poster.jpg

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B Suresh Kumar

ARITHAARAM (Facial Makeover) director.jpg

After graduating in Visual Communication, did Diploma in Film Technology & Television Production. Specialised in Sound Recording from Film & Television Institute of Tamil Nadu in Chennai, India. Worked as a Sound Engineer for more than 400 Indian features, Short Films and Documentaries. Joined as a Sound Recordist in Films Division , Government of India, Ministry of information and Broadcasting. Directed documentary films namely GOURD TO CHORD and ECSTASY OF GOURD for Films Division. Latest short film is SCHOOL BELL which bagged lots of National and International awards. Next film is ready for release namely ARITHARAAM ( Facial Makeover)

The Greyscale

Director: Varshini Tvr

The Greyscale poster.jpg

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Varshini Tvr

The Greyscale director.jpg

In a ocean of filmmakers I wish to be the corals. I am trying to quench my thirst by making films. I am a writer as well as a director. I have made 3 short films and worked as an assistant director in Indian film industry for 3 years.

Who Owns the Content?

Director: Subhashish Panigrahi

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Subhashish Panigrahi

Who Owns director.jpg

Subhashish is a community catalyst and documentary filmmaker who works at the intersections of Openness, digital freedom and storytelling. A National Geographic Explorer and founder of OpenSpeaks, he has a leadership career spanning over a decade in nonprofits like Wikimedia Foundation, Mozilla, Internet Society and the Centre for Internet & Society, he has helped grow over 40,000 volunteers across 40 economies in Asia-Pacific. He has been a keynote speaker, and has spoken in 50+ international conferences—including a UNESCO conference and many other high-level meetings—across 20 countries. Advocacy for Openness, empowerment of marginalized communities for their Internet rights, access and participation in the knowledge commons in their native languages, and knowledge equity have been a core part of his digital activism. As a multimedia storyteller he has initiated major media outreach, specifically for the youth and students across Asia-Pacific to contribute to movements like Wikipedia, Mozilla and Creative Commons.

National Geographic Explorer, MJ Bear Fellow 2017, Winner of the 2015 People’s Choice Award and "Wikimedia Advocate and Expert 2016”, and long-time author/editor to citizen journalism collective Global Voices and its Lingua Odia.

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