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Submissions open for the second annual Film Folklore Festival

NOVEMBER 26, 2019

Port of Spain, TRINIDAD-Submissions are currently open for the second annual Film and Folklore Festival (FFF). The event will take place on the 28th and 29th of March 2020, with a formal launch on the 21st. The Festival was created by local film practitioners Leslie Ann Wills-Caton and Annisia Cadogan to promote the preservation and continuation of folk traditions from a diverse range of cultures and other regions, through an emphasis on film, storytelling, music and art. The team has two decades of combined experience in the audio-visual field and they plan on creating a unique and memorable event for participants in 2020.

Its first installment centered around the feature short film The Hike, which had a stellar premiere on Lady Chancellor Hill in late April, 2019. The creative team also travelled to different destinations with the 120N610W Grenadian Film Festival to host an International Film Series Showcase. The Hike was subsequently screened to audiences in New York City, Boston and London. In 2020, the Festival will expand with more opportunities for filmmakers to expose their work. 

The programme will feature material that is culturally grounded in folklore, folktales or superstitious narratives in terms of themes, concepts, story-lines and imagery. Submissions are open for audio-visual material that includes such elements. Productions of any length, genre and style are welcomed. Awards will be given to the Best Short Film, Best Feature Film, Best Animation, Best Documentary, Best New Media/Music Video and People’s Choice. There will also be performance awards for actors featured in the content. These include The Best Male Lead and Best Female Lead titles.

All entries will be reviewed by a panel of qualified judges and applicants are required to pay a small submission fee. Filmmakers with selected work will be given an all-access pass to film screenings and other festival events. The winning film from each category will be included in a film caravan and screened to regional and international audiences. The deadline for the Earlybird submission is Friday, November 30th, 2019. More information can be accessed on the Film and Folklore Festival’s official website at

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