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Forever Today

Director/Writer/Producer: Cheng Lee
Key Cast: Xuanwei Ye


Director Bibliography
Cheng Lee

8c699a2386-headshot-Cheng Lee.jpg

Master of Film Studies, National Taiwan University of the Arts
Pingtung High School Art Gifted Class

2015-2023 Director of Film and Television at Sylvia Enterprises
2014-2015 (Australia) Sydphotos high-end wedding photography company photographer

2023 Roma Short Film Festival (Italy) - Best Disability Film《The 300 Blows》

2023 The Hollywood Guerrilla Film Festival (US) - Honorable Mention《The 300 Blows》

2023 Cinephiles Choice Awards (Brazil) - Best Micro Short Film《Forever Today》

2023 Student World Impact Film Festival (US) - Honorable Mention 《Forever Today》

2023 Lift-Off Filmmaker Sessions (UK) -《Forever Today》
2023 SERIES WEB AWARDS (Uruguay) -《Forever Today》

2023 Lisbon Film Rendezvous (Portugal) - 《The 300 Blows》
2023 WILDsound Festival (US) - 《The 300 Blows》
2023 LANE DOC FEST (US) - 《The 300 Blows》
2023 ASIAN Feedback Film Festival - 《The 300 Blows》
2023 Vision Get Wild Award (Taiwan) -《The 300 Blows》
2022 Pingtung Film Festival (Taiwan) - 《The 300 Blows》

2020 Golden Cane Film Festival (Taiwan) -《Shutter Island》
2019 B-Grade Film Godman Director (Taiwan) -《League of Belly Thick 3½》
2017 Ministry of Health and Welfare,exerts influence to end gender-based violence video contest (Taiwan) - runner-up -《VR love anti-domestic violence》
2017 China Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition - VR Film and TV Winner
(China's largest entrepreneurship competition, representative of Taiwan)

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