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Tapping Black Boots

Director: Kaoru Furuko
Producers: Kaoru Furuko, Christian Wellbo
Music: Christian Wellbo

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Kaoru Furuko


Kaoru Furuko is an artist, visual storyteller, and filmmaker who uses stop-motion animation as her primary means of creative exploration and expression.

Using stop-motion techniques, she explores and investigates materiality. She crafts, draws, collages, and experiments with lights and colors. By capturing and intertwining these elements together with motion, sounds, and music, she constructs a unified narrative that embodies her artistic vision.

She perceives her work as a cooperative interaction and conversation between herself and the materials and objects she utilizes, considering them actors, each possessing a unique story to convey.​

During her early twenties, while living in South East Asia, she became deeply captivated by the materiality she observed in everyday life. The objects and materials she encountered spoke to her, capturing her heart and inspiring her imagination and creativity. She was drawn to patterns and textures created by nature, the intricate hand-stitched threads in old embroideries, scrap iron discarded outside repair shops, and everyday objects discovered in markets. This naturally steered her towards exploring the world of stop-motion techniques.

Ever since, she has been creating animation works by reassembling and combining materials, local stories, and sounds gathered from various regions. Frequently collaborating with local artists and creators in interdisciplinary projects, she has undertaken this long-term endeavor through artist-in-residencies or relocating to different countries to immerse herself in work, resulting in the artwork of various formats, such as short films, installations, performances, music videos, and video art.

In 2015, she returned to the educational system to deepen her curiosity and research the possibilities of materiality with stop-motion. Her interest expanded into delving into the inner essence and intangible qualities of the elements. Since then, she has been constantly pursuing this aspect of her artistic practice in one series of her work.

Although she uses a traditional and old-fashioned style of working, she also takes in modern and digital technologies for her inspirational sketches, for the process of creation, or as a modern format of the output.

She is mainly active in the filmmaking and animation art scenes, where she works on her films as well as collaborative projects. Her works have been exhibited and screened at film festivals internationally.

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