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Cultural Immersion

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Director: Christian Milla Mancilla

Writer/ Producer: Zulema Mancilla Cardozo

Direct Sound: Caroline Milla Mancilla


Director Bibliography
Christian Milla Mancilla


Director Filmography:
Rumi (short film), year 2021
Parumawarmi (short film), year 2022

Director Biography:
Christian Milla Mancilla, 40 years old from the Colla indigenous people, has been an audiovisual producer since 2017.
He was born on May 8, 1983 in the city of Copiapó, Atacama Region, Chile.
He has made several audiovisual pieces emphasizing his roots and culture that have marked his life and his family environment. Among these audiovisual pieces are “Rumi” and “Parumawarmi” that have participated in several international festivals.
He is the creator of the digital communication medium Canal Paipote rtv, named in honor of the sector that has seen it grow and form.
He is self-taught and very enthusiastic.

Production Filmography:
Parumawarmi, 2022

Zulema Mancilla has been working on several projects for some time now, preparing scripts for short films in the region, rescuing its culture and contributing to the feminine identity of the Colla people.

Bio Producer:
Zulema Luisa Mancilla Cardozo, age 57, belongs to the Colla people and is president of the rural and indigenous women of the Atacama region.
She is an artisan recognized by the Ministry of Culture, Arts and Heritage in Chile, and she is also an active participant in environmental causes, participating in Cop 25 and Cop 27.
She has participated as an actress in the short film Rumi and in Parumawarmi as a producer.

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