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Pan in A-minor

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Director/Writer/Producer: Lester Yearwood

Key Cast: Danielle George

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Lester Yearwood


As a media enthusiast, I have been on an exciting journey since 2018 when I first purchased my DJI Mavic Pro drone for aerial photography and video. From that moment, my passion for storytelling through visuals has only grown, and I have honed my skills to become a proficient filmmaker.

My journey started with creating short videos that I would share on my social media platforms. However, as my skills evolved, I began offering commercial videography services to local businesses and events, which provided me with valuable experience and insight into the world of videography.

With a desire to tell stories that would allow me creative freedom, I transitioned into creating short films, which led me to write my own stories and transform them into scripts. In 2022, I took the bold step to produce and direct my first short film, Mentot. The success of this film, which is now live streaming on Cineverse, gave me the confidence to produce my first short documentary, Pan in A-minor, which was also selected by Cineverse.

Throughout my journey, I have been involved in all aspects of my productions, from concept development to production to post-production. I have become proficient in filming and editing my own projects, which has allowed me to tell my stories exactly how I envisioned them.

Currently, I am embarking on my most significant project yet, creating my first feature film, The Hittite. I have written the story and have a completed script, and I am eager to bring it to fruition. As a filmmaker, I am passionate about telling stories that inspire and evoke emotion, and The Hittite is no exception.

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