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Director: Gustavo Vokos

Writer: Fabrício Ide, Gustavo Vokos
Producer: Claudia Chávez

Cinematographer: Pepe Mendes; Sound: Karl Candela; Soundtrack: Pedro Santiago Salles; Film Editor: Paulão de Barros, Ramiro Suárez; Art Director: Ana Henriques


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Gustavo Vokos

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Vokos is a Film director and through his experience as a graphic designer, art director, and illustrator has been able to develop a keen multi-disciplinary eye; something he uses to create an innovative aesthetic concept for each one of his films. Directing for Facebook, GM, Converse, Honda, Skol, Nestle he has shot both domestic and international campaigns.

Many of his creations as a designer and illustrator can be found in reputable blogs and magazines — his works have been put on display in art galleries across the world, like his exhibition Dirty Land in Oslo, Norway.

His creative edge and his constant artistic innovation have been recognized with more than twenty world-class awards, such as The Cannes Festival, New York Film Festival, El Ojo de Iberoamerica, London Festival, CCSP.

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